10 Cool Chirpy Cricket Facts

Chirping crickets are commonly heard at this time of year
Crickets can often be heard in the garden at this time of year
At this time of year on a warm evening it’s not unusual to hear the loud chirping of crickets in the garden. Children are often fascinated by the loud sound that they make so here are 10 interesting facts about these noisy little bugs you can share with them:

  1. Only male crickets chirp and do so to attract a female mate.
  2. Male crickets make their chirping noise by rubbing their wings together.
  3. Crickets are usually nocturnal which explains why we hear them at dusk and at night.
  4. Crickets chirp at a different rate depending on the temperature – the higher the temperature the higher the rate.
  5. Crickets are insects and therefore cold blooded. This means they need warm weather to have the energy to chirp. If the weather is too cool their chirping will slow down.
  6. Lizards, frogs, and tortoises enjoy eating crickets.
    Crickets are a snack food in Cambodia and Vietnam
    Crickets are eaten as a snack food in Cambodia and Vietnam
  7. Crickets are also enjoyed by humans in Cambodia and Vietnam (yes, I’ve tried them!)
  8. Female crickets can lay up to 200 eggs at a time.
  9. Crickets are omnivores.
  10. Crickets are considered to be a sign of good luck in many cultures including Japanese and Chinese.

Do you have crickets chirping in your garden?

9 thoughts on “10 Cool Chirpy Cricket Facts

  1. aliciaminor says:

    I had close encounters with crickets myself but they don’t only show up at nights but daytime too like in the morning. I find them anywhere in the house- the garage, window sills or ceilings. Although the sounds are annoying, it goes away and like the Chinese, I believe they bring good luck too so each time you see a cricket in your house or anywhere, just let them stay. You never know, something good or luck is coming your way. It doesn’t hurt to believe.

      • Tim says:

        You might want to check for holes in your house. If crickets are getting in, then so are other creatures. Unless you are bringing them in yourself, that is. 200 is a bit excessive.

  2. Angel Jai says:

    This cricket in my room is driving me crazy I can’t tell if it’s on the floor or on the ceiling can they even go on the ceiling.I haven’t been able to sleep for days with this cricket.

  3. Linda Dahl says:

    My kindergarten class have been catching crickets, so, we decided to study them! Thank you for your wonderful, informative site about crickets!

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