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Vegemite Snail Trap

SNAILS and SLUGS – How to control them with kid-friendly products!  Gardening can often seem like a constant battle between snails and the gardener, but here is a terrific blog written by Jade and Amy from Growing Green Thumbs.   They are 2 very enthusiastic school mums who spend their days volunteering at their children’s primary school in Bonbeach, Melbourne….

Cabbage Moths – How to keep them away from the vegie patch

Cabbage Moths were accidentally introduced into Australia during the 1930’s.  Since then, the Cabbage Moth caterpillars have been merrily munching their way through vegie patches across much of the country. In this blog, we’ll explain some kid friendly ways to remove and control them in your patch.

Gardening and Sustainability Curriculum Resources

Bad News for Teachers:            There are less than 3 weeks before kids go back to school! Good News for Teachers:        Sustainability “How to Guides” and full lesson plans are available on the Landcare Australia website. Good News for Parents:          The How to Guides are a wonderful resource that can be used in your home garden or…

Remember to Mulch

Mulching is important as it helps stabilise your gardens soil temperatures in the root zone…and that means happy plants! With Australia’s hot summers, mulching means that your plants won’t struggle when it comes to surviving in rough conditions. The best time to mulch is right after the soil has warmed up and you are ready…

Eco-Friendly, Kid-Friendly Weed Killer

Are you after a cheap, eco-friendly, kid-friendly weed killer that uses common ingredients from your kitchen AND works fast? If so, read on… I hate weeding, I really do. I wish I could wave a magic wand and all the weeds in our garden would disappear. In the past I’ve resorted to buying commercial weed…