Remember to Mulch

Children mulching the garden
Mulching is important as it helps stabilise your gardens soil temperatures in the root zone…and that means happy plants! With Australia’s hot summers, mulching means that your plants won’t struggle when it comes to surviving in rough conditions. The best time to mulch is right after the soil has warmed up and you are ready to start planting.
Children can help mulch and learn about the benefits at the same time. You can tell your junior gardeners that mulching helps:

  1. keep soil cool during the day and warm at night
  2. keep weeds from germinating
  3. improves the texture of the soil
  4. keeps rain from eroding the soil
  5. reduces the amount of water evaporation
  6. and it also keeps your hands and your plants cleaner!

Pea straw, sugar cane and lucerne all make great mulch for the garden and break down to help feed the soil. Best of all, these options are also easy for kids to spread around.
What type of mulch do you use in your garden?