Dragonflies are fascinating for children and adults alike
I am fascinated by dragonflies. As a child I spent many days at my grandparents’ house with my cousin and sister watching these creatures with wonder as they flitted around the sky.  These days Little Miss B loves watching them with me and has the same look of wonder when one hovers nearby.  We have had many dragonflies visit our backyard recently so I thought I would share some facts with you:
Dragonflies are a common sight in many parts of Australia at the moment. Female dragonflies lay their eggs in or near water which is why you tend to find them around areas such as ponds, streams, wetlands and lakes.

Most of their life cycle is spent underwater. In fact some dragonfly nymphs spend up to five years underwater however when they mature into adults most only live for a few months.

Dragonflies are predators and eat small insects such as mosquitoes, flies and ants which make them very handy to have around.  They don’t much on our plants either and are fascinating to watch so enjoy having these great bugs flit around your garden.
Happy gardening!