Gardening for the senses

Gardening for the senses
Stimulating the sense of touch
Gardening is beneficial for people of all ages and children are no exception. Kids have a natural curiosity about nature and spending time out in the garden is full of endless opportunities. We learn through our senses and gardening stimulates all five. It is therefore a fantastic way to develop children’s understanding of the world around them:

Taste – Eating produce fresh from the garden is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Many parents find it difficult to get their children to eat the recommended amount of vegies each day. Children are more likely to eat their greens if they have been actively involved in planting them. They feel a sense of ownership and are often curious to taste the fruits of their labour.
Sight – A garden is full of wonders for children to see. Children enjoy looking at bright and colourful flowers and vegetables grow. They also love watching and learning about butterflies, ladybirds, dragonflies and other insects as they explore the garden. Gardening with your child also gives them the opportunity to develop their own gardening skills by watching what you do.
Sound –Wind blowing in the trees, birds chirping and wind chimes tinkling in the breeze are all beautiful sounds that children enjoy whilst outdoors.
Touch – There are many different textures in a garden that children love to explore. Digging in the dirt, splashing in puddles, feeling the tickle of grass and the roughness of tree bark are all great tactile experiences that children can enjoy and compare.
Smell – Children love smelling new scents and a garden is the perfect place for them to do this. Flowers, herbs and even compost are just a few examples of the variety of scents that are present for children to experience.
How do your kids like to have their senses stimulated in the garden?