Ladybirds or ladybugs?

Ladybirds are a gardener's best friend
Not all bugs in the garden are pests. In fact many are very beneficial and the beautiful ladybird is one of them. These little creatures love to munch on sap sucking aphids, in fact they love them so much that they will consume approximately 2500-5000 during their lifetime! This makes ladybirds, also known as ladybugs, a very welcome addition to the garden. They are so popular with gardeners that they are often known as a gardener’s best friend!  You can encourage them into your garden by planting fennel, dill, coriander and tansy.
Kids and ladybugs
Kids are fascinated by ladybirds
Children love ladybirds for their beautiful appearance and delicate nature. Little Miss B and I found a one on our gardenia plant the other day munching away on some aphids. She was fascinated and delighted when it flew off and landed on her t-shirt.
What does your little green thumb call these beautiful creatures – ladybirds or ladybugs?