Pet Rocks for Kids

kids love pet rocks for the garden
Pet rocks are great for kids to play with and look great as garden decorations
Kids and adults alike love pet rocks. They are quirky, can be kept indoors or out in the garden, and are super easy pets to care for. They are also the perfect activity for kids to undertake whilst the weather is too wet and/or chilly to be outside in the garden.
Late last year my mother passed on my childhood pet rocks around the same time that Kelly from Be a Fun Mum wrote a post about these funny little ‘creatures’. It was sign that I should introduce Little Miss B to the wonders of making her own. Of course life got busy and we spent most of our time outside in the garden however now the weather has cooled it is the perfect time to get out our art and craft supplies and be creative.
My dad originally painted my pet rocks under my instruction as a child and they were in desperate need of some TLC. As a result I spent Sunday giving a facelift to my beloved pets. Little Miss B spent the time decorating her own rocks with a mixture of paint, pom poms and shredded paper. We also undertook some collaborative pet rock decorating where she told what and how to paint. I don’t know who had more fun…
pet rocks can be decorated with a range of different materials
Pet rocks before and after
Making your own pet rock can be quite simple. They can be easily made by glueing googly eyes onto a rock found in the garden or for a more elaborate rock you can use materials such as paint, outlining pens, pom poms, wool, glitter, felt, and pieces of paper. If you would like to use your pet rocks outside as garden decorations it is a good idea to use exterior paint to ensure their longevity. You may also like to finish them off with a coat of varnish for extra protection.
If you need further inspiration on how to make your own pet rocks visit our pinterest board for ideas.
Do your kids have pet rocks or did you have one as a child? What does/did it look like?