What to Plant with the Kids in February

What to plant in February
What to plant in February
With February just around the corner, now is the time to look at what to plant at this time of year.
When looking at what to plant when, Australia is divided into different climate zones. This means, for example, that what to put in the garden now in the tropics of Western Australia can be quite different to what should be  planted in the cool regions of Tasmania. To find out which climate zone you live in and to see more specific information about varieties to plant now visit Gardenate or Gardening Australia.
There are a number of vegies though that are good to plant in Australia across all climate zones during February. Some that are very popular with the kids include:
Broccoli – I’ve known many kids who once refused to eat broccoli who now eat it after growing it themselves in their home or school garden.
Carrots – Carrots fresh from the garden are delicious. There are so many different types and colours available including orange, purple, red and even white!
Cauliflower – Many kids love eating cauliflower cheese and it seems that it tastes even better when they have grown the cauliflower themselves.
Lettuce – Lettuce can grow in most parts of Australia through-out the year.  This versatile salad vegie can be used in lunch boxes in numerous ways – sandwiches, noodle cups, salads etc.
Radish – These little vegies are very fast growing which is appealing for children who are anxiously waiting for their garden to grow. They can be added to salads or even eaten on their own.
Silverbeet – Silverbeet is another great vegie that comes in a range of colours. Also known as chard, it can be easily grown in pots and can be used in a wide range of recipes for kids.
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Happy Gardening!