What to Plant with the Kids this Spring

Kids love growing and picking strawberries
Strawberries are perfect for kids to grow this spring
Spring is well and truly here which means it’s time to get the kids outdoors and planting. There are plenty of fantastic fruits, vegies and flowers that can be planted now* that kids love.
Most children I know love strawberries and spring is the perfect time to grow them especially in cooler climates. It is also a good time to germinate watermelon seeds in trays so that they can be transplanted once the weather warms up a little more.
Beetroot, capsicum, carrots, asian greens, beans, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce,  peas, potatoes, pumpkin, radish, corn, silverbeet, tomatoes (technically a fruit I know) and zucchinis are all vegies that can be grown easily by children this season. A wide range of herbs can also be grown now including basil, parsley, rosemary, chives and mint. These herbs can be used in numerous recipes that children enjoy.
Take time to smell the flowers
Marigolds are not only appealing to kids but are beneficial for your garden too.
Kids love flowers and spring is the perfect time to grow a wide range of flowers that they will find appealing. Nasturiums, marigolds, lavendar and sunflowers are not only flowers that kids love, they are beneficial for your garden too. These flowers attract beneficial insects to your garden whilst working well as companion plants for the rest of your garden.
Planet-eco flower patch kit
The Planet-eco flower patch kit comes with a range of flowers great to plant in spring including marigolds, nasturtiums and sunflowers.
The Gardening 4 Kids shop sells a wide range of organic seeds that are suitable for planting at this time of year including carrot, sunflower and nasturtium seeds.
I’ve already planted strawberries, peas, potatoes, lettuce, zucchinis, marigolds and nasturtiums with Little Miss B in my garden. What will you be planting with your kids this spring?
(*For more information on what to plant with the kids that is specific to your climate zone visit Gardenate).
Happy gardening!