10 wonderful wormy facts!

Wiggly worms
Exploring wiggly worms
Put your hand up in your kids love finding worms in the garden. I know the students I teach do. There is something about the way that they wiggle about in the garden that is fascinating for kids (and some adults like myself!). We have a worm farm in our garden here at home and my kids love going outside to visit their worm friends.
If your kids are fascinated by worms too, here are 10 wonderful wormy facts that they will love:

  1. Worms are great in the garden because they tunnel through soil encouraging air and moisture which creates a healthy environment for plants to grow.
  2. Worms can eat up to their own body weight in food every day.
  3. Worm castings (AKA worm poo) are an excellent soil conditioner and worm wee can be watered down and poured on plants as a fantastic organic fertiliser.
  4. Worms are cold blooded animals.
  5. Worms don’t have eyes but they can sense light with the front part of their bodies. They do not like light and will try to bury deeper into the ground to try and get away from it.
  6. If worms dry out they will die.
  7. A worm breathes through its skin, has a brain and 5 hearts.
  8. Worms are hermaphrodites which means they have both male and female reproductive organs.
  9. Most worms are pink however in the Philippines there is a species of earthworm that is bright blue and along the British and Irish coast you can find green ones!
  10. The Giant Gippsland Worm is one of the longest worm species in world. It can grow up to 3 metres long and measure 2cm in diameter!