Celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th

Celebrate World Environment DayWednesday, June 5th is World Environment Day (WED) and this year the theme is Think.Eat.Save. There is no doubt that global food production is placing an enormous strain on our natural resources however WED is the perfect opportunity to talk to your kids about food miles, food wastage and reducing their ecological footprint whilst celebrating our wonderful world. Here are ten activities you can do with your kids to celebrate World Environment Day and help reduce their footprint:

  1. Build a no-dig, organic garden
  2. Plant winter vegies
    Visit a Community Garden for World Environment Day
  3. Take the kids to a community garden
  4. Visit a Farmer’s Market
  5. Start a compost pile
  6. Start a worm farm
  7. Go for a bike ride
  8. Go for a walk along the beach
  9. Visit a National Park
  10. Plant a tree

What ideas to you have to celebrate World Environment Day with kids?