The Junior Landcare Backyard Challenge – How Does Your Backyard Grow?

Get the kids outside taking photos in the garden today
The Junior Landcare Backyard Challenge is on!
Whether it’s a farm, a suburban veggie patch or an apartment balcony herb garden, Yates and Junior Landcare are asking kids around Australia, “How does your backyard grow?”
The 2012 Yates Junior Landcare Backyard Challenge is getting kids to answer this question with a short film or a photo, allowing them to showcase the unique aspects of their local environment. Entries have already started pouring in and we are seeing how diverse the backyards of Australia are through the eyes of young people.
The Junior Landcare Backyard Challenge is on.
The 2012 Yates Junior Landcare Backyard Challenge is getting kids to discover what is unique about how their backyard grows.
Although the thought of handing over your camera or video camera to your kids might be a little scary, you might be surprised with what they come up with! Junior Landcare is constantly surprised and impressed with the creativity and imagination of kids who are learning about the natural environment around them.
Junior Landcare Backyard Challenge photo entry
A photo entry submitted to the Yates Junior Landcare Backyard Challenge: “Autumnal Bliss: I love the colours of Autumn. It’s my favourite time of year, the leaves changing from green to yellow to crimson reds. My yard is filled with colour and it uplifts my spirit. I can witness nature’s canvas at its best, right in my backyard.”
This challenge is a fantastic opportunity for kids to explore their backyards, learn how plants grow, and appreciate their role in caring for the land and environmental sustainability. It’s also a great way to share what they have learnt with other kids and the wider community.
Junior Landcare Backyard photo of butterflies
A photo submitted to the Yates Junior Landcare Backyard Challenge: “My Beautiful Backyard and Environment: This is a picture of two butterflys on a cotton weed I took this pictures at my mothers houses”
Judy Horton, Yates Communications Manager and prominent gardening expert, believes the challenge will be a great chance for kids to discover the amazing natural wonders in their own backyards.
“No matter where you are in Australia, from the tropics to the outback and everything in between, young people only need to look to their own backyards to learn about nature and see how plants grow. Getting involved in a project like this will give kids a genuine appreciation for the natural environment around them,” she said.
Junior Landcare's Judy Horton
Judy Horton encourages kids to go into their backyards and see how they grow!
The Yates Junior Landcare Backyard Challenge is now open, and will close on Friday 16th November. Photo and video entries can be submitted by kids aged 8 – 16 years. For further information and to submit your entry, please visit: