Increase Biodiveristy in your Garden

Lizard Lounge Signage
The Department of the Environment explains “Biodiversity has been described as the ‘web of life’, ‘the variety of living things’ or ‘the different plants, animals and micro-organisms, their genes and ecosystems of which they are a part’”. Teaching our kids about the importance of protecting, celebrating and increasing biodiversity is essential. The great thing is that most kids have a natural fascination with biodiversity and are eager to learn more about and increase the number of plants and animals in their environment. There are numerous gardening projects you and your kids can do to help increase biodiversity in your family’s garden and help your kids learn about the wonderful world around them. Here are ten ideas to help get you started: 

  1. Plant a vegie garden and include as many organic, heirloom varieties as possible.Compost for kids
  2. Start a compost pile or worm farm and recycling your food waste.
  3. Leave fallen leaves, sticks and logs for small animals to shelter amongst.
  4. Add some nesting boxes to your garden to encourage birds and small marsupials to breed.
  5. Grow a butterfly garden.
  6. Avoid herbicides and pesticides. They will not only harm plants and animals in your garden, they can be toxic for kids and pets too.lizard lounge
  7. Build a lizard lounge.
  8. Build a pond to encourage frogs into your garden.
  9. Add a bird bath for our feathered friends.
  10. Plant an indigenous garden. Visit your local indigenous nursery for advice on what to grow in your garden.

Do you have any tips on how to increase biodiversity? If so, please share them below.