Garden Time Review and Giveaway – Can Gardening Get Any Easier?

grown and lit
Indoor Herb Garden ready to use
Garden Time is an automated grow system that makes indoor gardening super easy and we’ve got 4 kits to give away!
When we were contacted by Garden Time to ask if we would like to do a review of their product, I’ll be honest, I thought it would be some new fangled gadget, BUT I was pleasantly surprised.
When our kit arrived, the kids were super excited and helped me assemble it.  We used the best quality potting mix that we had, and planted some basil and coriander seeds, as well as plucking a few self germinated seedlings from the garden, parsley and chives.  The Garden Time system contains a self watering pot and has an automated lighting schedule, 8 hours of LED white light, 8 hours of LED purple light and 8 hours with no light, all designed to maximise growing conditions. The seeds were quick to germinate and the seedlings handled the transplantation well until……….
We went overseas for three weeks and left the Garden Time to its own devices.  Unfortunately it ran out of water and the young herbs were looking a bit dismal when we returned.  So we added more water, some dilated worm wee and left the system alone, I really didn’t think the herbs would come back, but they did!  Three weeks after our return and our kitchen’s mini herb garden is ready to use!
Numerous visitors have commented on the unique lighting on our kitchen bench, and even more visitors loved the idea of having fresh herbs growing in the kitchen.  A couple of non-gardeners stated that this may be the only way that they could grow plants!  But most importantly, every child that has visited for a play date loved it, the girls especially loved the purple light phase!
I often hear people say that they would love to grow their own food but they kill everything they plant.  Hearing this makes me feel sad, I give them advice on the easiest plants for their children to grow, ie snow peas or radishes, but they still seem determined that these plants will not thrive.
For these people, I suggest giving Garden Time a go, it is seriously easy to use.
In summary, Garden Time is very easy to use, only requiring a top up with water every week or so.  The unique lighting system enables rapid plant growth even in the depths of an icy Melbourne winter.  Whilst, the Garden Time pots aren’t the cheapest pot on the market, there are certainly one of the easiest to use, and can achieve rapid plant growth even for non-gardeners.
We have 4 Garden Time kits, valued at $109.95 each, to give to our followers, simply comment below about what your children would grow if they won a Garden Time kit.  Winners will be chosen at random on 30/9/2106 and the prize will only be sent to Australian addresses, winners will be announced on Gardening 4 Kids’ Facebook page and Twitter feed and winners will be contacted via email.
Purple phase light with newly sprouted seedlings

49 thoughts on “Garden Time Review and Giveaway – Can Gardening Get Any Easier?

  1. Anthony Collopy says:

    I am a Science teacher and I would use this to help me teach the life cycle of plants in my science room.
    I would grow strawberries so the students can try them.

  2. Melinda Nowly says:

    I would try and grow a money tree, if that fails may grow some herbs to add to my cooking, anything added to my cooking would be a great help!

  3. Melinda Bowly says:

    I would attempt to grow a money tree, failing that I would grow done herbs to use in my cooking, anything to add to my cooking would be a help!

    • Erica Lovel says:

      Hi Melinda, you could certainly start growing a tree in the Garden Time kit and move it outside as it grows. Fresh herbs are delicious in cooking!

  4. Paula says:

    My gardening shadow (2yr old Ben) would love to grow some Catnip since “puss puss” flattened and snapped the last one. The cat tried to bury his flat face into the dirt in a delirious/drunk fashion….hilarious to watch

  5. Robyn Bloomfield says:

    My grandchildren would grow tomatoes. They just love tomatoes. They eat them like apples. They would also like to try to grow strawberries.

  6. Samantha pearce says:

    We would grow coriander for currys and basil for pasta sauce, our favorite herbs! Also possibly some dill, never seen that home grown before but we love it on potatoe salad! This would be so great cause seriously all we can seem to keep alive is parsley

  7. Samantha pearce says:

    We would grow coriander for currys and basil for pasta sauce, our favorite herbs! Also possibly some dill, never seen that home grown before but we love it on potatoe salad! This would be so great cause seriously all we can seem to keep alive is parsley

  8. Kylie bellemore says:

    My kids are obsessed with gardening at the moment. I think some lobely basil and chives to start would be great

  9. Karen says:

    Me and my kids would grow basil. Every time we have tried to grow basil it has ended sadly. So fingers crossed this will work. These look awesome

  10. Kylie bellemore says:

    I love this, my kids are obsessed with growing things at the moment. Would definitely try basil and chives maybe even some baby carrots

  11. Melissa Zammit says:

    My son would choose strawberries as he loves his fruit especially sweet juicy berries..I would love a herb garden on hand for cooking as there is nothing like fresh herbs incorporated into your meals

  12. Joy Ville says:

    After reading your last post we would really like to grow some Dill, Corriandar or Fennel because the kids LOVE ladybugs/birds 😉 they believe they are good luck and scream with excitemnet everytime (not often unfortunately) they see one. Plus if we successfully grow them we can make super yummy tea meals or fresh salads with them. Such a wonderful product – thank you for the opportunity to win one! X

  13. Shelley Bowen says:

    We would grow herbs for my daughters and I to use when we cook together.
    Especially coriander, so I can put it in everything!!

  14. Holly Caulfield says:

    I mentor an amazing seven yr. old, second grader. I think he would ask to grow unusual plants like a Venus Flytrap and Pitcher plant.

  15. Kelly says:

    My 4yo daughter and I would experiment with numerous herbs, vegetables and fruits.
    We love to regrow thing such as carrot, celery, avocado etc. And we love using fresh herbs when cooking in the kitchen.
    The aromas are fantastic.

  16. Debbie Stoppa says:

    Ooohhh… what wouldn’t we grow. So many amazing options.
    As homeschoolers I am always looking for ways to engage my children in activities and this would definitely do it.
    My 7 and 4 year olds are very interested in planting in our garden and watering the plants and watching them grow.
    Herbs would be a definite, as we use a lot in cooking and fresh are always so much nicer. Growing our own encourages the kids to try more as well because they have been involved in the process. Iniitially though, we would use it to get some sunflower seeds sprouting as my 7 year old daughter desperately want to grow some happy sunflowers.
    Avocado seed will also be planted as one of our upcoming projects is to grow our own avocado tree 🙂 (seeds are drying as I type)

  17. sheldyn warwick-hart says:

    We would love to grow some strawberries or some herbs to help with cooking the all time famous- spaghetti! I’m sure it’d be tonnes of fun! 🙂

  18. karina winter says:

    I am teaching my kids to cook so this would be perfect to grow herbs in so they can learn to grow and cook their own food.

  19. Natalie Lonsdale says:

    I would donate the Garden Time Kit to my kids primary Their Gardening Club runs twice weekly and the PE staff would be super excited to add this great new gadget to their garden of creations. The garden time kit would let the little kids in school participate and watch vegetables grow.
    Great initiative.

  20. Catherine Gierak says:

    This would be the perfect gardening system for my 8 year old daughter who in the past has tried to grow a bean plant at school and basil and parsley at home, without success. This is mainly due to the fact that she tends to overwater her plants, in such excitement and anticipation to see them grow. Alas, it has the opposite effect, and she is left heartbroken. A self watering system would therefore be ideal.. and being able to watch her plants grow inside would be even better. I think she would choose to grow basil and parsley again to use in our homemade pasta sauces.

  21. Rochelle says:

    Our Miss 8 tries to grow every single seed that comes out of our kitchen so I’d say if we win this we would try to grow everything from avocados to zucchinis 🙂 Id definitely be steering her towards some herbs though so that we have them in hand in the kitchen.

  22. Karen Fisher says:

    My 4 year old son, and 5 year old daughter love picking veggies and fruit straight from the garden and eating them while they play outside. Definitely strawberries, snow peas and baby cucumbers. Can’t get enough!

  23. Vanessa says:

    We’ve just invested in a garden planter so our bigger kids can grow veggies for their new brother’s first dinners. We’d use our Garden Time Kits to grow our seedlings. (Plus a few of their favourites). Yum!

  24. chrissy says:

    Thanks for this competition opportunity! With my kids, 22 mths, 4 & 6 yrs I think we’d try for a theme and plant something starting with A all the way to Z – rotating of course. It will make it extra challenging to see what we can come up with to plant : )

  25. Nicole Ruigrok says:

    So hard to choose! We would love some strawberries, the ants always get ours in the patch outside. Also cherry tomatoes, great for lunchboxes. And some herbs too, currently the kids call them grass if they find the green stuff in their dinner. Maybe if they can tend and grow them themselves, they might be more inclined to eat them 🙂

  26. Emma says:

    We would grow lots of pansies! Blues, violets, whites with a splash of yellow! My daughter picks a pansy pit every time we’re at a nursery and visits them in the garden every day! Imagine her joy of we could bring them inside!!

  27. Jessica Miles says:

    My classroom of 3yr olds are learning about springtime blooms and would grow some edible herbs or vegetables so children can enjoy the benefits of gardening.

  28. Ashlee vickers says:

    My oldest has been trying to grow his beanstalk (beans) not having alot of luck it keeps dying so would give this a try first

  29. chad walter says:

    My 3 yr old daughter and I have two raised veggie patches we work on together. Those tricky and slow seedlings like basil would go perfect in this to plant together. She loves seeing her plants flourish and eating them for dinner with pride.

  30. Louisa hissey says:

    I would love to win this to gift it to the preschool my son attends and I work at. It could be an evolving space where we could learn , through experiment, what grows well where.
    We could plants seedings in cotton wool, outside, in the garden time kit and observe. Having an opportunity to do this with children starts the wonder of gardening, the knowledge of eco systems and the develops the roots to understanding sustainability.

  31. Alison Briggs says:

    I would love to try chocolate mint and lemon basil. I think they would be wonderful to use in cooking but I’ve never gotten around to trying them.

  32. Rebecca Thurgood says:

    We live in frosty Melbourne and yet my 4 year old twin boys and I have been very lucky enough to get an avocado growing from a pit! So far the plant is strong and healthy in our mini greenhouse, however we know it will need a mate if it is ever to produce fruit for us…50 pits later we’re still trying to get one to grow 🙁 A GardenTime system seems like exactly what we need to get our second tree growing! Once we’ve achieved that we’ll most likely start an indoor herb garden 🙂

  33. Jenn says:

    Awesome, my kids would definitely grow strawberries because the Bower birds and Superb Fairy Wrens constantly eat all of my kids ripening strawberries and they get really disappointed. This would give them an abundant strawberry supply, whilst leaving the strawberries in the garden as food for the Bower Birds and Fairy Wrens……

  34. Lucy says:

    I have heard a lot about indoor gardening but never tried it. Although I am a regular gardener and grow different vegetables and fruit trees outside my house.

  35. Maria Barca says:

    Garden Time Kits would be an amazing addition to any classroom at my Primary School . What a great way to watch the beginning of the growing process from seed to seedling and then to be able to transfer the seedlings to the garden and watch them grow. A true whole garden experience with the culmination being the picking and eating of produce, of course. A great addition to any science and sustainability program.

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