Gardening Gift Ideas for Kids

Flower Patch Garden Kit for kids
Planeteco’s Flower, Herb and Vegie Patch Kits are the perfect gifts for kids who love gardening.
We are often asked about gardening gift ideas for kids. Here are our top gift suggestions that cater for a wide range of ages, abilities and likes. If you need any further advice or have any questions please email us at

  1. My First Gardening Tools– This set is the perfect gift for any little green thumb whether they are new to gardening or “old hands”. They come in four different colours (blue, green, orange and pink) and feature a set of gardening tools, a pair of gloves and a bucket.
    Twigz My First Gardening Tools Set
    My First Gardening Tools
  2. Patch Kits – These fantastic little kits come with everything your kids need to grow their own vegie, flower or herb patch. Inside you will find 5 packets of organic seeds, 5 bamboo plant tags, 10 organic biodegradable dotpots and a great grow guide full of information on how to use the kit and how to start planting!
  3. Gardening Gloves – Gloves are perhaps one of the most important gardening gifts you can buy your child. It is important to protect little hands from stinging and biting critters or thorny plants that could be in the garden and our range of gloves are perfect for this. They are colourful and practical and make an ideal gift.
  4. Garden Decorations – Children love bright and colourful gardens and our range of gorgeous decorations have been selected to add some magic to gardens of all butterfly medium edited
  5. Watering cans – Gardens need water and our 1.5 litre watering cans are the ideal size for kids to use in their patches. They come in four popular colours – pink, blue, green and orange – and match the rest of our Twigz range.
  6. Plant Press – Who remembers owning a plant or flower press as a child? Searching for and collecting a special leaf or flower to press and preserve has long been a lovely activity for children. Our plant presses are beautifully designed and make gorgeous gifts for all little green thumbs.
  7. Gardening tools – All gardeners need tools to dig around in the garden and kids are no exception. Our bright and colourful gardening tools are specifically designed for children so they are the perfect size for little hands.
  8. Wheelbarrow– These tough wheelbarrows not only look great they are perfect for kids to wheel around the garden. Their sturdy design makes them easy for little green thumbs to use without worrying about the tray tipping over.
    Twigz Wheelbarrow for Children
    Twigz Wheelbarrow
  9. Bottle Top Waterer – These nifty little bottle top waterers make ideal gifts. They screw onto plastic PET bottles and are perfect for little hands. They are made out of recycled plastic and are ideal for watering seedlings due to their gentle water flow. They are also great for watering plants in pots.