Grass Heads for Kids

Grass heads for children to make
Grass heads combine gardening and craft for kids
Grass heads are a fun way for the kids to enjoy a bit of gardening (and craft) that produce fast results. They can even be made indoors if the weather is too inclement to be outside.
To make a grass head you will need:

  • A knee-high stocking
  • Grass seeds (approximately 1 tablespoon)
  • Potting mix (approximately 1-2 cups depending on how large you want your head to be)
  • Small hair ties (optional)
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Ribbon or wool (optional)
  • Plastic cup or vase


  1. Pour the grass seeds into the stocking so that they cover the toe area.
  2. Pour the potting mix on top of the grass seeds.
  3. Tie off the stocking tightly.
  4. Pinch out the nose and ears and tie with the hair ties.
  5. Add the googly eyes and some ribbon or wool for a mouth.
  6. Place the head into a cup or vase of water and the tail part of the stocking will act as a wick to soak up the water.
  7. Place the head in a sunny position and keep the cup filled with water so that the seeds remain damp.
Decorated grass head
Place finished grass head in a cup or vase
Your grass head should begin to sprout within a week and by two weeks have a full head of hair.
Have a go making grass heads with your kids today and please post your photos up on our Facebook page as we’d love to see them!