How to Make a Mobile Herb Garden using an Old Kettle BBQ

Kettle BBQ Herb Planter
Kettle BBQ Herb Planter
We know how much Aussies love a good barbie, but what happens to all the BBQs when they are replaced with a flashy new one?  Hard Rubbish of course!
These two pre-loved kettle BBQs were found on nature strips in our neighbourhood, and my 9 year old daughter instantly come up with the idea to plant herbs in them so we could move the herbs around the garden. So that is what we did! 
Materials needed:

Kettle BBQ

Potting Mix or soil

Herb Seeds or Seedlings, we used basil, chives, coriander, dill and parsley seeds from our Herb Patch Kit


Remove the grill from inside the kettle and wash the BBQ thoroughly.

Fill with soil or potting mix – we used a mixture of both.

BBQ Herb Planter

Plant seeds or seedlings of your favourite herbs, (we grow ours seeds in a Mini Greenhouse to help them on their way)

Mini Greenhouse

The Biodegradable pots in our Herb Patch Kits and Mini Greenhouses can be planted straight into the ground

Mulch well – we used straw left over from cleaning the bunny’s hutch.

Water the planted seedlings.

Because the Kettle BBQs already had a drainage hole, there was no need to drill holes, but do make sure that the grills at the bottle of the BBQ are closed; this will allow excess water to drain out but not the soil.
About 4 weeks on and we now have a mobile herb garden that can be moved around the garden to wherever we want it! Yum!

Kettle BBQ Herb Planter
Kettle BBQ Herb Planter
Happy gardening