Leap Year Garden Myths

Peas Growing the Wrong Way
Peas Growing the Wrong Way
There are many myths and superstitions associated with leap years and especially around 29th February.  According to legend, 29th February is the one day every four years that a woman can propose to a man (and the man willed be fined if he declines!), there are also a few garden and farming myths connected with leap years.  
Russian farmers believe that leap years will never be good for crops and farming.  In particular for beans and peas, which will supposedly grow the wrong way round!  The leap year clearly hasn’t had on impact on this young man’s garden who picked a bean this morning, 29 February, that was over a metre long!
Bean picked on 29th February
Bean picked on 29th February 2016
In Scotland, similar superstitions are held; crops will fail and livestock will struggle, according to the old proverb “Leap year was n’er a good sheep year.”  This certainly has been true for us, our little vegie patch is producing far more produce this year than previous years!
Anyway, good luck to any woman proposing today and a huge Happy Birthday to all the Leaplings (those born on 29th February).
Happy gardening
xx Erica