Mini Succulent Garden using Recycled Tin Cans

Mini Succulent Garden made from Recycled Tin Cans
Mini Succulent Garden made from Recycled Tin Cans
These super cute mini gardens are incredibly easy for children to make.  Using waste tin cans and succulent cuttings, they make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.
The kids and I have been stuck inside with nasty colds so we spent some time decorating some used tin cans to be used as mini gardens. We then ventured outside to take some cuttings and make up these nifty little garden gifts.
What you’ll need:

  • Used tin cans
  • Succulent leaves or cuttings
  • Potting mix
  • Hammer and nail
  • String, ribbon or children’s artwork
  • PVA glue

Make sure that the tin cans are clean and free from sharp edges.
Using the hammer and nail, punch 3 or 4 holes in the bottom of the can, adults should do this step for young children. Succulents like well-drained soil and the holes are necessary to ensure that excess water can escape.
Attach some decoration to the outside of the can using PVA glue and allow to dry.  We used some hessian, string and ribbon purchased from a craft shop.  You could also use a child’s painting or art work on the outside of the can.
The next step is to find your cuttings. Succulents are a group of plants that have fleshy leaves that can store water and nutrients. Generally, if a succulent leaf is torn in half it will appear to be moist and fleshy inside. Most succulents will grow from a leaf or a small cutting. If you are using leaves, simply twist the leaf off the stem, keeping the entire leaf intake. Succulents are currently very popular and most people will not mind if you take a leaf or two, but it is always best to ask first.
The succulent cuttings need to be left out to dry for a day or two to stop the plant rotting when it is planted.
When the tin can decoration is dry and the succulent cuttings have been left to dry for a couple of days, it is time to start planting!
Fill the decorated tin can with potting mix and simply push the succulent leaves or cuttings into the soil.  Finally water the garden well and allow the excess water to drain away.
The succulents should now start to grow roots and develop more leaves over time. Succulents don’t need too much water but that shouldn’t be left to dry out completely either.
Over time the tin can will rust and give the mini garden a very natural aged look.
Happy gardening xx

Materials Needed
Materials Needed