Guest Post: Powerful Life Lessons Through Gardening

Tara Force
Tara writes about the many lessons that can be learned through gardening.
Today’s guest post is written by Tara Force from MUMmedia and Modern Homeschool Today. Tara is a passionate mother, writer and modern day homeschooler. She writes about the impact of popular culture on parenting and childhood,  inspiring parents to ask questions and find the parenting style that is right for them even when it goes against the flow. 
Just recently I discovered a seedling growing under my lemon tree. Not knowing what it was I pulled it out and a few days later two more seedlings appeared. I decided to consult my friend Google and was surprised to discover that without planting anything in that soil, pumpkins were growing in my backyard!
I was a bit excited and immediately got the kids to come and have a look. We have all been amazed that within four short weeks they have grown from a tiny seedling to THIS: Continue reading