The Natured Kids' Play Outside Day Challenge

Australia Play Outside DayMay 4th is the Australian Conservation Foundation’s National Play Outside Day. ‘Natured Kids’ all around Australia will be building special shelters in their front and back yards, on their nature strip or in a little bit of nearby nature.
The task is easy. Find yourself a ‘play partner’, could be a parent, grandparent or a friend or brother/sister. Decide when you have time together to walk around the block collecting ‘fallen’ natural items of interest to construct your pixie or fairy hut. You could find interesting sticks, seed pods, feathers, pebbles, flowers, leaves…Once back home you can create a haven for the little mystical & magical people who might be tempted to visit your garden.
Photograph your creation and share your images by sending to Narelle via Natured Kids or Play Outside Australia who plans to make a collage of your creations made from natural materials to share with the Australian Conservation Foundation. Have fun creating in and connecting with nature together! Let’s make every day a nature play day!