Vegie on View – Broad Beans

Vegie on View - Broad Beans
Broad beans have beautiful flowers
Broad beans are very easy for kids to grow and the size of the seeds make them easy for little hands to handle. Here are some interesting facts that you and the kids may not know about this humble little bean:

  1. Broad beans are also known as fava beans and their origins can be traced back to the Bronze Age.
  2. Broad beans grow best in winter.
  3. Broad beans are great to grow in the garden because they help put nitrogen into the soil.
  4. Broad bean plants are very pretty. The most common variety has beautiful white and black flowers however there are also varieties that have red flowers.
  5. Broad beans often need a trellis to grow on or tying back with string as they can grow quite tall and bushy.
  6. They can be eaten in their pods like snowpeas when they are young but need to be podded before they are eaten when they are older.
  7. Broad beans are very versatile and can be eaten cooked, in salads or pureed as a dip.
  8. Broad beans also taste nice cooked with some butter, cheese and a little bacon.
  9. They are an excellent source of fibre, folate and vitamin C.

What is your family’s favourite way to enjoy broad beans?