Vegie on View – Pumpkins

Pumpkin facts for kids
Today is Halloween and whether you agree with the traditions of the day, there is no denying that pumpkins are great ‘vegies’. They are easy for kids to grow, they make delicious soups and scones and they are fun to carve. Here are ten facts about pumpkins you may not know – make sure you share them with the kids!

  1. The largest pumpkin grown on record weighs in at over 920 kilograms! This record was only set recently.
  2. Pumpkins are thought to have originated from North America. Continue reading

Vegie on View – Potatoes

Kids love potatoes
Potatoes are a versatile vegie enjoyed all around the world.
Sunday, 17th March, is St Patrick’s Day and which vegie is most associated with the Irish? Why the humble potato of course! Potatoes are a much loved vegie not only by the Irish but by kids as well so here are ten facts about the humble spud to share:

  1. Potatoes are cheap, easy to grow and require very little fertiliser making them an environmentally friendly crop and perfect for kids to grow in the garden.
  2. Potatoes were the first food to ever be grown in space. They were taken on board Space Shuttle Columbia in 1995. Continue reading

Vegie on View – Mushrooms

Mushrooms for kids
Fungi are fascinating for kids
This week’s ‘Vegie’ on View are mushrooms however they aren’t really a vegie at all – they are a type of fungus. These fascinating fungi are perfect for kids – they don’t require a garden, they grow in the dark and can even be grown in cupboards! Here are some other fun facts about the humble mushroom: Continue reading