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Writing Names on Fruit and Vegies

WRITING NAMES AND DESIGNS ON FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Scratching your children’s name into growing pumpkins, zucchinis or melons is such a fun and simple activity, but it gives the children months’ worth of enjoyment as they watch their creations grow! Here are 3 tried and tested edibles that work really well for this activity: Pumpkins,…

Lazy Pumpkin Soup

If the kids have been growing pumpkins in the garden this summer here is a fantastically easy and delicious pumpkin soup recipe they can help make. The sweetness of the pumpkin and coconut milk makes it particularly popular with kids and it is likely they’ll be back for seconds. I call it Lazy Pumpkin Soup…

Holiday Fun for Kids in the Garden – Part 2

Last week I posted seven easy ideas to get your kids outside and active in Holiday Fun for Kids in the Garden – Part 1. This week I’ve come up with seven more ideas to keep your little green thumbs busy.