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Writing Names on Fruit and Vegies

WRITING NAMES AND DESIGNS ON FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Scratching your children’s name into growing pumpkins, zucchinis or melons is such a fun and simple activity, but it gives the children months’ worth of enjoyment as they watch their creations grow! Here are 3 tried and tested edibles that work really well for this activity: Pumpkins,…

Edible Flowers for Kids

Kids love the thought of being able to eat flowers and there are some great varieties that can be grown in any garden. Edible flowers are a wonderful way to add colour to meals and can make a salad more appealing to kids. Many edible flowers are fantastic for attracting beneficial insects and repelling those…

Holiday Fun for Kids in the Garden – Part 2

Last week I posted seven easy ideas to get your kids outside and active in Holiday Fun for Kids in the Garden – Part 1. This week I’ve come up with seven more ideas to keep your little green thumbs busy.