Holiday Fun for Kids in the Garden – Part 2

Planting in the garden
More holiday gardening ideas for kids
Last week I posted seven easy ideas to get your kids outside and active in Holiday Fun for Kids in the Garden – Part 1. This week I’ve come up with seven more ideas to keep your little green thumbs busy.

  1. Design and build a fairy, gnome or dinosaur garden.
    Home made lemonade
    Now is a great time to make lemonade
  2. On super hot days grab some lemons and make lemonade.
  3. Have a growing competition. Try growing plants such as watermelons, sunflowerszucchinis and pumpkins which can produce impressive results. Take time every few days to check to see how much each plant has grown. It is also a great opportunity for kids to practise their measuring skills and older ones may like to graph the results. They will be using their maths skills and won’t even know it!
  4. Build a cubby house.
    butterfly garden for children
    Children love butterflies so why not attract them into your garden
  5. Plant a butterfly garden to attract these beautiful creatures into your yard.
  6. Check the garden each day for produce ready to harvest and then search for new recipes to try.
  7. Finally, when the weather simply gets too hot and the kids need a break why not try some creative fun such as painting and designing their own bird house or having a go at flower pressing?

Do you have any other gardening ideas to add?