Vegie on View – Potatoes

Kids love potatoes
Potatoes are a versatile vegie enjoyed all around the world.
Sunday, 17th March, is St Patrick’s Day and which vegie is most associated with the Irish? Why the humble potato of course! Potatoes are a much loved vegie not only by the Irish but by kids as well so here are ten facts about the humble spud to share:

  1. Potatoes are cheap, easy to grow and require very little fertiliser making them an environmentally friendly crop and perfect for kids to grow in the garden.
  2. Potatoes were the first food to ever be grown in space. They were taken on board Space Shuttle Columbia in 1995. Continue reading

Roasted Herb Potatoes for Kids

Herbed potatoes for Kids
Your kids will devour these herbed potatoes - especially if they make them themselves.
Last year the preps, year 1 students and I planted potatoes in the school garden. We planted a variety including some very cool purple potatoes which the kids were very intrigued by. After school resumed this year the students were eager to head out into the garden to dig up our potatoes and see how many had grown. We ended up with enough potatoes to make two large batches of roasted herb potatoes.
This is the simple, yet delicious, recipe that we used: Continue reading

Broccoli, Potato and Silverbeet Soup

Broccoli, Potato and Silverbeet Soup
Broccoli, Potato and Silverbeet Soup made by my year 1 and 2s
I recently posted about using broccoli from our school garden in recipes with my students. I promised that I would post the recipes as the kids absolutely loved them so here if the first one for you – Broccoli, Potato and Silverbeet Soup. Continue reading