Guest Post: Intergenerational Gardening – Learning from Each Other

Intergenerational gardening is great for all ages
Intergenerational gardening is great for all ages
I’m delighted to share with you today a lovely guest post written by Laura from Sustainababy. Laura is passionate about the environment and has a garden that her family has grown with the help of her son’s Nonno. Enjoy! Continue reading

Indoor Gardening Activities for Kids

indoor gardening for kids
There are many ways to keep kids engaged with gardening even when they're stuck indoors
Recently I was honoured to be invited to write a guest post  about kids gardening by the lovely Shae of Yay For Home. With the weather being somewhat unpredictable of late I decided to write about fun gardening activities that kids can do even whilst stuck indoors. Continue reading

Caterpillar Hunting for Kids

Kids love searching for caterpillars
Caterpillars - Cute little critters aren't they?
Caterpillars! They sure look cute and kids love finding them in the garden but boy can they cause some destruction! When I first started working in the school garden the students were so excited to show me the caterpillars that lived there. They thought of them almost like pets. That was until I explained that they were the reason the poor kale plants were looking the worse for wear. Well, then the hunt was on to rid the garden of each and every little green caterpillar that lived there. Continue reading

How Do Seeds Grow?

How do seeds grow?
Kids often ask me 'How do seeds grow?'
At the start of the school year I asked my students to come up with some questions they had about gardening. Some common questions were ‘How do seeds grow?’, ‘What do seeds look like under the ground?’ and ‘What do seeds need?’ so I set about coming up with an activity to demonstrate. It is a simple and inexpensive activity that kids can undertake themselves and uses items that can be easily sourced. Continue reading

What to Plant with the Kids in Winter

There is plenty that kids can plant during winter
The weather has definitely turned chilly in many parts of Australia so now is the perfect time for kids to be planting some winter crops in the garden. Many people think that not a lot can be grown in winter however this is not necessarily the case. There are still plenty of great fruit and vegies that can be planted now that kids love. Continue reading

How to build a no-dig garden with the kids

No-dig gardens are perfect for kids
No-dig gardens are perfect for kids
No-dig garden beds are perfect for kids to grow plants in. They are easy to build, they can be constructed anywhere at any time and obviously there is no-digging involved so they are physically easy for children to maintain.  Continue reading