Quick Sale and Peninsula Health & Well Being Expo Prize Winner

Gardening 4 Kids had the pleasure of meeting many families at the Peninsula Health & Well Being Expo held last Sunday. It was wonderful to see so many children digging in the dirt and potting a seed to take home.
Thank you to everybody who signed up for our newsletter, and as promised a prize winner has been selected using a random number generator.  The lucky winner of the Gardening 4 Kids prize is Catherine L.  We will contact you privately Catherine to arrange delivery.
Many of the families we met, were yet to get their vegie gardens started. So we are having a quick 10% off all our products to help you get you get started.  We stock a large range of gardening kits, organic seeds and garden tools specifically designed for children. Use the discount code 10%GardenStarter at checkout and 10% will be deducted automatically.  Offer ends 6th November 2014.
Happy Gardening

National Water Week 2014

Bottle Top Waterer
Bottle Top Waterer
National Water Week 2014 Free Bottle Top Waterer.
Growing up, water was seen as an endless resource. We played under the sprinkler for hours, hosed down our drive ways and dual flush toilets were unheard of. I can still remember my father’s disgust at the introduction of water usage charges, that’s right, it used to be free!
Nowadays, things are very different. We have come to our senses and realised that water is a very valuable resource and we all have to be sensible with its use.  Many households have water tanks and grey water systems. My husband plumbed our shower so the water goes straight out on to our garden; the plants that receive this shower water are some of the healthiest in my garden.
This week, 19-25 October, is National Water Week, an event that has been running since 1993. The aim of National Water Week is to inspire individuals, communities and organisations to work together to raise awareness and understanding around water issues. This year’s theme is “Water Sources: There are more than you think”.  Continue reading

How to Stay Safe in the Garden this Summer

Stay safe in the garden this summer
Wearing appropriate clothing helps protect little ones in the garden

Summer is a wonderful time for kids to be outdoors in garden and the following tips will help keep your little green thumbs safe:

1. Always supervise your children in the garden. You don’t need to hover over the top of them but it is important to keep an eye on what they are up to.
2. Protect your little one’s hands with a pair of gardening gloves. Not only will they safeguard them from biting and stinging insects they will also help protect against any prickly plants. Continue reading

Our Top 5 Books about Gardening and Nature

garden book library quote
There’s a Chinese proverb “A book is like a garden in your pocket!”, and second to seeing seeds grow, nothing inspires junior gardeners better than reading about it in books.
Here’s our top 5  pick of classic picture books about gardening and nature your kids will love reading: Continue reading

How Do You Feel About Gardening with Kids?

How do you feel about gardening with kids?
Just in case you haven’t worked it out by now, I love gardening with kids. Last week I asked our followers on Facebook “If you could use one word to describe what it is like to garden with little ones what would it be?”. The answers were wide and varied but overwhelmingly most people used positive words to describe gardening with kids. The most common response was ‘inspiring’ which in itself is inspiring to read. It is wonderful to read that so many people can understand the benefits of gardening with children. Other words used included: Continue reading

Playing in Puddles for Kids

puddle jumping for kids
Puddle jumping is a fun learning experience for kids.
Little Miss B has been desperate to jump in puddles the last few days. This morning we woke to lovely sunshine after a night of solid rain which meant it was a perfect day for puddle jumping! We rugged up in our warm clothes donned our gumboots and went in search of some great big, muddy puddles. We do have a couple here at home but as we live close to some wetlands we decided to venture down there. We were not disappointed. Continue reading

Gardening for the senses

Gardening for the senses
Stimulating the sense of touch
Gardening is beneficial for people of all ages and children are no exception. Kids have a natural curiosity about nature and spending time out in the garden is full of endless opportunities. We learn through our senses and gardening stimulates all five. It is therefore a fantastic way to develop children’s understanding of the world around them:

Continue reading