Guest Post: Powerful Life Lessons Through Gardening

Tara Force
Tara writes about the many lessons that can be learned through gardening.
Today’s guest post is written by Tara Force from MUMmedia and Modern Homeschool Today. Tara is a passionate mother, writer and modern day homeschooler. She writes about the impact of popular culture on parenting and childhood,  inspiring parents to ask questions and find the parenting style that is right for them even when it goes against the flow. 
Just recently I discovered a seedling growing under my lemon tree. Not knowing what it was I pulled it out and a few days later two more seedlings appeared. I decided to consult my friend Google and was surprised to discover that without planting anything in that soil, pumpkins were growing in my backyard!
I was a bit excited and immediately got the kids to come and have a look. We have all been amazed that within four short weeks they have grown from a tiny seedling to THIS: Continue reading

Gardening and Sustainability Resources for Teachers

The Clean Up Australia Day Website
The Clean Up Australia Day website is a great resource for teachers
I am often asked about sustainability and gardening resources for teachers who are after ideas to use with their students. Over the years I have used a number of different websites for ideas and inspiration when planning my lessons. Here are my favourites: Continue reading

Playing in Puddles for Kids

puddle jumping for kids
Puddle jumping is a fun learning experience for kids.
Little Miss B has been desperate to jump in puddles the last few days. This morning we woke to lovely sunshine after a night of solid rain which meant it was a perfect day for puddle jumping! We rugged up in our warm clothes donned our gumboots and went in search of some great big, muddy puddles. We do have a couple here at home but as we live close to some wetlands we decided to venture down there. We were not disappointed. Continue reading

Guest Post: Silverbeet and Feta Cheese Rolls for Kids

Silverbeet and Feta Rolls
Silverbeet is a great vegie for kids to cook with
I am thrilled to share with you today a fantastic guest recipe post by Kay Richardson from The Children’s Food Education Foundation (CFEF). The Foundation aims to improve the health outcomes of marginalised children and young people.  Using food as a vehicle for social innovation and enterprise, their programs encourage healthy eating and address healthier living barriers like social exclusion, lack of literacy and independent living skills.  The Foundation collaborates with others to achieve successful long-term outcomes for children and young people experiencing disadvantage, chronic illness, disabilities, mental disorders, and those who care for themselves or others.

Silverbeet and Feta Cheese Rolls – makes lots

This is a really tasty and easy recipe to use up silverbeet grown in your garden. Unless you are having a party, don’t cook and eat them all at once because, once the rolls are made, they can be frozen. Remember to ask a grown-up to be your assistant and help read the recipe plus do all the things that might be tricky or dangerous for you to do on your own. Continue reading

Guest Post: Intergenerational Gardening – Learning from Each Other

Intergenerational gardening is great for all ages
Intergenerational gardening is great for all ages
I’m delighted to share with you today a lovely guest post written by Laura from Sustainababy. Laura is passionate about the environment and has a garden that her family has grown with the help of her son’s Nonno. Enjoy! Continue reading

"I Don't Like……."

Harvest for our broccoli soup
Our 'yucky' produce from the garden for our broccoli soup
So your kids say ‘I don’t like broccoli’? Well they certainly wouldn’t be the first. In fact I heard it quite a bit just this week at school. We had a lot of broccoli growing (or bolting actually) in our school veggie garden so I thought it was time we harvested and used it in the kitchen. Continue reading

How Do Seeds Grow?

How do seeds grow?
Kids often ask me 'How do seeds grow?'
At the start of the school year I asked my students to come up with some questions they had about gardening. Some common questions were ‘How do seeds grow?’, ‘What do seeds look like under the ground?’ and ‘What do seeds need?’ so I set about coming up with an activity to demonstrate. It is a simple and inexpensive activity that kids can undertake themselves and uses items that can be easily sourced. Continue reading

Gardening for the senses

Gardening for the senses
Stimulating the sense of touch
Gardening is beneficial for people of all ages and children are no exception. Kids have a natural curiosity about nature and spending time out in the garden is full of endless opportunities. We learn through our senses and gardening stimulates all five. It is therefore a fantastic way to develop children’s understanding of the world around them:

Continue reading