Peach Zucchini Bread

peach and zucchini bread, choc zucchini muffins and peach smoothie
Lunch is served – peach and zucchini bread, choc zucchini muffins and a peach smoothie.
Like many people at this time of year we have bumper crops of zucchinis and peaches growing in our garden. Today the kids and I headed outside and harvested yet another bucketful and decided to find something new to bake with them. I figured there must be a recipe out there that combined both zucchinis and peaches and sure enough there was! After a quick internet search I found a recipe for Peach Zucchini Bread so we thought we’d give it a go. Continue reading

Guest Post: How to Create a Rubbish Garden

Chloe Marchbank is enjoys teaching her children about the environment and recycling.
Today’s guest post is written by Chloe Marchbank, a freelance writer and mum to three daughters. Chloe is passionate about teaching her daughters about the importance of caring for the environment and religiously recycles whatever and whenever she can.
Now, I know that on reading the title of this article, you’re probably thinking, “Why on earth would I want to make my garden look rubbish? Surely, I’m after tips on how to make it look nicer?” Well, before I go on any further, let me explain myself – because, when I use the term ‘rubbish’, I am in fact referring to using old household items to make your garden not only look nicer, but to also make it more eco-friendly – with the help of your children!
Your children are bound to love getting involved with helping you make these creations for your garden, and what’s more, it’ll also teach them the importance of recycling old items to help and do something positive for the environment around them. Continue reading

Guest Post: Powerful Life Lessons Through Gardening

Tara Force
Tara writes about the many lessons that can be learned through gardening.
Today’s guest post is written by Tara Force from MUMmedia and Modern Homeschool Today. Tara is a passionate mother, writer and modern day homeschooler. She writes about the impact of popular culture on parenting and childhood,  inspiring parents to ask questions and find the parenting style that is right for them even when it goes against the flow. 
Just recently I discovered a seedling growing under my lemon tree. Not knowing what it was I pulled it out and a few days later two more seedlings appeared. I decided to consult my friend Google and was surprised to discover that without planting anything in that soil, pumpkins were growing in my backyard!
I was a bit excited and immediately got the kids to come and have a look. We have all been amazed that within four short weeks they have grown from a tiny seedling to THIS: Continue reading

Berry Picking for Kids

The Berry Patch in Turners Beach, Tasmania
Berries are great for kids. They love picking them from the garden and best of all they love eating them too! We have spent a fair amount of time this summer outside in various gardens and berry patches picking and gorging ourselves on fresh berries and Little Miss B has had a ball! Berry picking is a fun activity that our whole family enjoys – even Master D enjoys observing from the baby carrier. Continue reading

Soldier Beetles – Swarming to a Garden Near You!

Soldier beetle facts for kids
Soldier beetles are very common at this time of year.
Little Miss B was recently invited with a group of kids to a play date in her friend’s garden. Unfortunately it was cancelled at the last moment due to the garden being inundated with a swarm of soldier beetles. I hadn’t seen these little critters for a number of years but it seems that our local area has become the ‘hot spot’ for them this summer as other people have been spotting them in their garden too. These beetles are interesting creatures so I thought I would share some cool facts about them with you and your kids: Continue reading

Guest Post: Six Tips for Kid-friendly, Chemical-free Vegetable Gardening

Alessandra Winfield
Alessandra Winfield enjoys spending time out in the garden with her kids and shares her tips
Today’s guest post is written by Alessandra Winfield – a Dietitian, homeschool mum of 2 boys and writer of the blog Practical Skills for Kids. She has been gardening since she was a little girl, learning from her grandmother. She just loves teaching kids all sorts of skills like gardening and cooking. 
As a Dietitian I am seeing a lot of children and adults with food sensitivities. Unlike an allergy, food sensitivities can be subtle and symptoms only appear when the person has eaten over their threshold on certain types of food. While there is much more research needed in this area, there have been suggestions that chemicals in farming may have contributed to these sensitivities.
One of the best skills we can teach our children is how to grow food without the use of chemicals, also known as organic gardening. Here are my top six tips to deter the damaging pests and diseases in your garden: Continue reading

The Junior Landcare Backyard Challenge – How Does Your Backyard Grow?

Get the kids outside taking photos in the garden today
The Junior Landcare Backyard Challenge is on!
Whether it’s a farm, a suburban veggie patch or an apartment balcony herb garden, Yates and Junior Landcare are asking kids around Australia, “How does your backyard grow?”
The 2012 Yates Junior Landcare Backyard Challenge is getting kids to answer this question with a short film or a photo, allowing them to showcase the unique aspects of their local environment. Entries have already started pouring in and we are seeing how diverse the backyards of Australia are through the eyes of young people. Continue reading

Guest Post: The Laneway Park – A Community Garden for Kids

The Laneway Park project sign
The Laneway Park project is a children's community garden
Today’s guest post has been written by Lee Upton, mum of three and currently working as a researcher on a University program focusing on children’s fundamental movement skills, physical activity and nutrition. She is passionate about kids getting hands on in the garden and being an active member of her community working on The Laneway Park children’s community garden as well as her children’s school kitchen garden.

As a mum of three and a passionate gardener, I love nothing more than seeing my kids get their hands grubby planting seedlings, their eyes light up as they pull a carrot from the garden and how a favourite snack is handfuls of mint straight off the plant. Continue reading

Guest Post: Sharing Our Values with Children

Teaching kids about sustainability
Leah Wheatley writes about sharing our values with our children
Today’s post is written by Leah Wheatley – environmental scientist, mum and writer of the blog Along The Way. She enjoys writing about sustainability, parenting and wellbeing, and is passionate about practising what she preaches:
Being an environmental scientist, it has been very important to me to ensure that my daughter has an appreciation for the amazing natural world around her and the fragility of it. It has actually been quite simple and she has needed little encouragement so far to embrace my sustainability values. Here are my top tips to ensure sustainability values are passed on to the next generation: Continue reading

Gardening 4 Kids Celebrates their 2nd Birthday with a Giveaway

Gardening 4 Kids celebrates 2nd birthday
We’re celebrating our 2nd birthday!
I can’t believe it – this coming Monday (October 1st) is our 2nd birthday! The time has really flown by and Gardening 4 Kids has continued to grow at an amazing rate. In this time some of our greatest accomplishments have included:

  • increasing our range to now stock over 60 different products,
  • attending markets, expos and other community events where we’ve been able to meet our customers face-to-face,
  • supplying large corporations with their children’s Christmas party gifts, and
  • winning the 2012 Green Lifestyle Award in the Kids Category. Continue reading